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Nanchang CJ6A

The Nanchang CJ6A is a primary trainer / ground attack aircraft with tandem seats low wing and single engine. Our aircraft served with the PLAAF of China before being decommissioned from service and placed into storage. The aircraft were shipped to Australia and refurbished.


Wing Span 10.18

Height 3.25

Length 8.46


Empty 1045 kg

MTOW 1400 kg



Normal Cruise 135 Kts

Max Cruise 160 Kts

Never Exceed 192 Kts


Stall 59 Kts



Fuel Capacity

Total 150 Lt

Endurance 170 Min

Range 390 Nm

G Limits

+6 / -3.5



Power Plant

HUOSAI - 6J1A is a piston type nine cylinder radial engine with single stage supercharger. The engines lineage was derived from the American Pratt & Whitney type radial engines.


The aircraft is fitted with a J9-G1 all aluminium propeller and constant speed unit for maximum climb and speed performance.


The aircraft's fuselage, wing and stabilizers are of all metal structure.

Landing Gear

Its landing gear is of retractable tricycle type. All operating systems are pneumatically operated for long service life and reliability


The cockpit in tandem configuration has a clear Perspex sliding canopy for excellent all round visibility.


This versatile aircraft was originally designed for manoeuvrability with aerobatics in mind.