The run down

1. Welcome and admin:  After making your way to Murrayfield find the green Nanchang’s waiting for you in front of the hangar five. We will be greet you kit you in your flight suit and complete some paperwork.
2. Mission outline and aircraft familiarization: You will be given an outline of your mission and a brief rundown of what you can expect on your flight. Then you will be introduced to the marvelous machine that will be responsible for all those thrills while you pose valiantly in front of your friends and family for photographic evidence of the coming experience.
3. Strap in and ‘on wings’ items: Your charming pilot will help you into the plane, strap you in and give you a proper introduction to all the twisty appropriate knobs, dials and levers – and the buttons you must absolutely never press!
4. Start up and take off: Once you’re all settled the radial engine will be brought to life and will rumble in excitement while she warms up. You will then taxi along the runway complete the final pre departure checks in preparation for takeoff. If you’ve chosen the Combat Adventure Flight, you’ll take off; join up in formation with your fellow flyer. 

5. The air dance begins: Your highly experienced pilot will demonstrate a series of individual aerobatics before the real fun begins.
6. Feel the G: The aerobatics will continue but will be more exciting and intense, demonstrating moves like the Pitch Roll and Yaw as you feel the G forces bear down on you.
7. Fighter Manoeuvre Demonstration: If you’ve chosen the Combat Adventure Flight, this is the part where the pilots show off to each other demonstrating their best moves. After a few minutes, they get tough and   conduct old- fashioned dogfight. Hold on! If you’ve chosen the Solo Adventure Flight this is the part where your pilot will impress you with his skills, pulling out every trick in the book to make you get the most out of your adventure and make you think he’s really cool.

8. Low Level Flying: With the smile spread across your face, your heart beating fast and your eyes wide, take some time to take in the incredible natural wonders around you. Your pilot will take the plane down to 500feet (150 metres) where you’ll be able to marvel at the beautiful Mandurah coastline while cruising above the crystal clear water.

9. Home: Smiles are common, "Oh My God's!" are often heard, flattery is welcome.